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Legendary Dave Hughes at the Spot!

Shoot the Sh_t with expert fly fisher, fly tyer and author Dave Hughes. Take in his Presentation or join his Fly Tying Workshop

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Legendary fly fisher and fly tyer Dave Hughes is author of more than 20 books about fly fishing for trout and chances are, you own one his books. His books include Wet Flies, Handbook of Hatches, Reading Trout Water, Essential Trout Flies, the classic Western Hatches (with Rick Hafele), American Fly Tying Manual, Nymphs for Streams and Stillwaters, Trout From Small Streams, Pocketguide to Western Hatches and the massive reference Trout Flies.

Western Super Hatches:   11:00am presentation

In every season spent fly fishing western waters, you’re almost certain to run into trout feeding selectively on a few dominant hatches. When they’re focused on one of them, your fly pattern needs to at least approximate what they’re taking or you won’t fool many fish. Dave’s presentation covers the most important mayfly, stonefly, caddisfly, and midge hatches:  how to recognize them, match them, and catch trout that are feeding on them. Based on Dave’s books Western Hatches (with Rick Hafele) and Pocketguide to Western Hatches.


Wet Fly Tying Workshop:   1:00pm – 5:00pm

Join Dave and learn to tie the various styles of wet flies that will greatly increase your opportunities to catch trout:  soft-hackles, flymphs, traditional winged wets, all-fur wets, anchor wets, and even a Muddler Daddy that can serve as a dangler in a two-fly or three-fly setup. Dave has studied at the feet of the masters of these types of flies, wrote the book Wet Flies, now in a second heavily-revised full-color edition, and has come up with many new ways to add to their effectiveness.

This is a hands-on, 4 hour tie-along workshop

- Time:  1:00pm – 5:00pm
- Cost:  $60
- Feathers, dubbing, etc materials included (bring your own vice, tools and thread)
- Limited to 12 people

Call (818) 785-7306 or Email the shop to signup or for more information on the Wet Fly Tying Workshop


We have lined up some of the finest local tyers who will be sharing the expertise on a wide variety of flies. Don’t miss the chance to learn from these experts for FREE at these events.

They will be tying in the shop on select Sundays from 11am – 2pm (See Dates below).

Flyfishing Expo

Sundays from 11am – 2pm…  Guests and Dates TBD..